Why Everyone Is Showing Interest In Middle Eastern Cuisine?

With time changing, people are looking for different cuisine with unique tastes. TV and Social network broadcasters are exploring inner areas of the different parts of the world and providing a glimpse of different cultures and cuisines. Middle Eastern countries are places where western and other parts of the world are taking interest and knowing about their culture and living. The variety of cuisine they have with them and the love they are spreading with their food is attracting lots of people to try it. Downtown Beirut, Middle Eastern Restaurant Newcastle, can provide you with that touch and feel of Middle Eastern Cuisine that you are only looking at on the internet. You can get answers to all your questions by having the delicious and best Middle Eastern food in Newcastle.

Variety Of Middle Eastern Foods

1. Hummus- A chickpea spread with a bit of salt and spices to have with traditional hot pita bread.

2. Manakeesh- Round-shaped bread sprinkled over with cheese, meat, or herbs which is ideal for breakfast or lunch in Middle eastern culture.

3. Falafel- Falafel is fried balls of chickpeas with herbs that can be eaten with hot Pita bread, hummus, or the way you want to try.

4. Fattoush- Salad mix of tangy flavours, crispy lettuce, cucumber, diced tomatoes, crunchy fried Pita, onion and garlic, a pinch of olive oil and mint which contributes to world culture.

5. Shawarma- Shawarma is a big piece of boneless chicken paste mixed with herbs and spices and roasted on a big horizontal road to serve with rolls of Pita bread, mayo, mints, and onions.

6. Shish Tawook- One of the simple and Popular Chicken dishes of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and gulf regions served with pure garlic paste.

7. Kofta- Balls made of lamb or beef with herbs and spices can be served as fried, roasted, barbecued, or baked with spicy sauces.

8. Kebab Karaz- Meat stick made from the mixture of beef, mint, herbs, spices, and grilled or roasted to have with roti or Pita bread.

9. Knafeh- Delicious cheesecake made from Nabulsi cheese, common in Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon.

10. Baklava- Old traditional dish running in culture from ancient times is a pastry with chopped nuts, sweet syrup, and honey dressing. Most enduring and beloved dishes.

Spreading Love With Food

With the introduction of different kinds of cuisine in our kitchen. As Downtown Beirut, middle eastern fine dining, we are trying to mix all the cultures to spread love in the form of delicious and authentic food.