Offers Catering Service For House Parties Or Events!

You are planning a party or an event; food is an important part of a social gathering where people eat and celebrate the moment. If you are looking for a catering service near you, give a try to Downtown Beirut, Middle eastern food catering Newcastle, to make your event more interesting with the theme of different traditions and culture. The food you only see on social networks and TV through food bloggers can be available by just one call away with our delivery service.

We can Cater at the Events

  • Office
  • Home
  • Park
  • Beach
  • Boat
  • Construction site

When Catering on-site, we will provide qualified chefs and assistants to help in preparing and serving the food depending upon how much you need. No food will be precooked, and all the BBQ Meats and others will be cooked on-site in front of you. Our food menu is designed to be cooked and consumed shortly after that.

We will supply the following service with catering like premium disposals, premium cutlery, Table with clothes, keep the buffet hot, all cooking equipment, and heats beads with a food safety supervisor certificate. In addition, we deliver and store all the food in our refrigerated vans to provide fresh food for your party, and all cleaning responsibility of your area is ours.

Food Service

We have a different kind of Menu according to your requirement and budget.

Our Menu:

  • Bread: Lebanese Bread
  • Salad: Tabouli Salad, Fattoush Salad, Greek Salad, Sliced BBQ Potatoes
  • Skewers: Lamb Skewers, Kafta Skewers, Marinated Chicken Breast Skewers
  • Sausage: Gourmet Beef Sausage, Lebanese Sausage
  • Wings: Marinated Chicken Wings
  • Middle Eastern Speciality: Hommos, Babagnoush
  • Sauce: Special Garlic Sauce, Peri-Peri Sauce, Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce

Best Service Provider

After your order is placed, we start planning for your events to offer all required services according to your budget. Cooking equipment, sitting arrangement, cooking on-site, BBQ, cutlery, Disposables, and Cleaning all come under our services. Downtown Beirut is known for its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and loves to spread happiness and love with various cuisines. The only thing you need to do during the party or event is to chill, relax and enjoy the moment with your family and friends.