Reasons Why You Need To Try Lebanese Food!

There is so much cuisine in the world, and we want to try most of it. With every culture, there is one cuisine to define its living and history. Lebanese food is enriched with such cuisine and history that connects people as family and society. It’s the taste you want to try at least once as a food lover as Lebanese food has so much variety in vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine that will keep alluring you for more. To get good Authentic Lebanese food, You must try Downtown Beirut, one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Newcastle. There are few exciting Reasons why you need to try Lebanese food in Newcastle.

1. Cuisines for everyone- Everyone has different food choices according to their solid beliefs or cause. As modern Lebanese restaurants, we consider everyone’s choice and have different and healthy cuisines for vegans and Vegetarians. A variety of salad with a pinch of salt and oil is a kind of art for tastes. The herbs used in every dish have meaning from the ancient culture, which is still running on in our Lebanese cuisines.

2. Choices for meat lovers- Lebanese cuisine Newcastle offers more from their culture for meat lovers. Our food is famous for the variety of kebabs, known as kafta, one of the popular dishes in the middle east. These kebabs are made by mixing herbs like mint, onion, robust spices, and of course, the meat of your choice.

3. Healthy food- We try to serve the best and authentic Lebanese food healthy by its nature. The kinds of herbs and plants used in cooking the variety of salads, food according to weather and people. Meats we offer are well tested before using it. Lebanese cuisine menu Newcastle summarised details of ingredients for our customers to make their preferred choice without any confusion.

4. Feel the new authentic taste- If you are a food lover and love to acquire different flavours from all over the world, Lebanese food at Downtown Beirut is a must-try for you with many options from takeaway food to fine dining restaurant in Newcastle. We love to welcome such customers who want to enjoy their time with authentic, tasty, and variety of food with a child-like smile on their faces.

Why come for us for Lebanese food?

We, Downtown Beirut, the best Lebanese restaurant in Newcastle, provide the authentic, full of different tastes and the best service to make you comfortable while ordering and enjoying your food with your family and friends in our dining.