How Different Cultures Are Coming Under One Roof With Food?

You may have available all kinds of food at different venues. It is because there are so many food branches which are offering good authentic cultural food. But what if a food lover wants to try two different cuisines in one place? Downtown Beirut is an Arabic restaurant in Newcastle, which proudly announces having cultural foods in Arabic countries. It is because so many other cultures can come under one roof and enjoy their favourite cuisine. Food is always known for uniting people and spreading love. With Arabic food Newcastle, we are trying to do the same.

Cultural History Of Arab Cuisine

Arab cuisine is defined by various regional cuisines from all Arab countries. Thanks to the Centuries-old cultural trading of spices, herbs, and food between the Arab countries, their Cuisines have certain similarities with unique traditions as their food is also dependent on the climate, cultivation, and mutual businesses.

The Concept of Cooking in the Arab World is hospitality and generosity. Eating together with your large family, sharing food and thoughts, bringing happiness to the dinner table. Welcoming their guests with coffee, dry fruits, and fresh fruits. Serving Dinner with a large plate filled with spiced rice and lamb with different kinds of Vegetable stews and tomato-based sauce. That kind of traditional service is what Downtown Beirut offers to the customers to feel authentic and cultural cuisines on one table under one roof.


Q1. What kind of Arab Cuisines do you offer?

A: Every Cuisine that is related to the Arab region is available with us. You can Check our Menu on the Website to be ensured.

Q2. How is Downtown Beirut better than other Arabic restaurants in the city?

A: We don’t know about other restaurants, but we like to give our best service by taking care of all the cultural nuance while serving Authentic Arabic cuisines with delicious taste.

Q3. What Downtown Beirut is bringing to the table?

A: We bring the Delicious flavours and Cuisine of Middle East countries in the Heart of Newcastle with every kind of food from meat to vegetarian to Vegan food for everyone. Lebanese BBQ, Grilled meats, Tangy salads, Grill cheese, and what not! Just try our food and decide for yourself.

Q4. Did Downtown Beirut take party orders?

A: Yes, Next when you are planning an event or party, please remember us. We are just one call away from taking your catering order as we also deliver shisha at your house to make the party more mesmerising.