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Downtown Beirut is here to satisfy your irresistible cravings with its incredible flavours of the Middle East. Located in the heart of Newcastle, we are here to serve a great variety of irresistible food to you. You can take your time and select the dishes of your choice at your convenience.

We are widely renowned for our mouth-watering flame-grilled meats, delicious salads and vegetarian dishes as well. Our Lebanese BBQ is always here to be a part of your quality time and enrich the deliciousness of that moment. We also invite Shisha lovers to walk in the restaurant and check out our unforgettable tastes of hookah.

We are highly regarded amongst the best Newcastle restaurants. At Downtown Beirut, we also promise to deliver the consistent quality of our food at your doorstep. We believe in ensuring that your order meets your expectations and leaves you craving for more. The next time you need to dine out, plan a family gathering or desire to spend some beautiful time with luxurious food, you can always count on us and our mesmerising dishes to feast on.

We welcome social gathering and believe in sustaining a friendly, heart-warming and splendid dining experience for our customers.

Modern, Neat and Sophisticated Variety Of Deliciousness

Downtown Beirut in Newcastle seeks to recreate the wonders of the Middle East in a space that evokes a former era of lively and elegant food. Elegant, sophisticated and clean, we leave our customers remembering an energetic atmosphere full of decadent food. Browsing through their menus is one way to be transported behind the doors of Downtown Beirut. Also, you can easily book reservations directly by contacting us straight.

Built on the idea of reinventing the place where locals go, this neighbourhood eatery promises to satisfy you with artistic twists. So if you are looking forward to having lunch in restaurants near Newcastle, you know exactly where to find us.

We’re here to serve you with the best of everything, all while maintaining an air of relaxed modernity. Unpretentious and subtle, we extend a great variety of food that promises to satisfy your hunger in the most luxurious of manners.

A Perfect End To Your Cravings

We put consistent efforts to offer you hot lunch and dinner menus which are updated daily. The exquisite taste of our delicious dishes and tempting dessert items entice hungry visitors by large. We celebrate the rich culinary history with our irresistible food influences. The bright colours and symbolic textures of our dishes are now yours to celebrate. So reach out to us today, and we will extend our seamless range of delicious Lebanese food Newcastle towards you.

Our dishes are widely renowned for drawing in a visitor’s attention through unforgettable taste and sophisticated presentation. You can easily inquire about private dining and much more by simply contacting us for the information. We, a celebrated restaurant in Newcastle, take a new approach to how guests experience halal Lebanese restaurant Newcastle. Our food embodies the radiant aspect of Middle East dishes. The restaurant is influenced by our passion for serving the best and satisfying your cravings.


25 Beaumont St, Islington NSW 2296

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